Our team building programmes assist delegates to enhance their ability to work effectively as part of a team to achieve a common goal. Each workshop is custom designed for an organisation based on their specific requirements. Whether they are looking for a ‘fun’ day out of the office, or an in-house workshop, we have some great solutions.

The workshops aim to:
   - facilitate team growth,
   - increase personal knowledge of other role players,
   - increase personal satisfaction,
   - increase productivity and effectiveness, and
   - align the team with organisational goals and objectives.
This will be achieved through a series of workshops and activities such as:
   - A brain-storming session to assess the needs of the group and to explore its dynamics and goals. 
   - Workshops aimed at self-assessment, listening skills, assertiveness, conflict handling and problem solving.
   - Exercises and communicative games to build up trust, friendship and interdependence on other team members.
   - Teams will be grouped and assessed on their abilities to work together in various activities.
   - A choice of activities include; an interactive fly fishing challenge, quad biking, horse riding, archery and paintball.

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