Business Language Curriculum

"Effective Communication in the Workplace"

This is a comprehensive online learning tool; a programme that comprises of 19 subject matter modules, and pre and post course self-assessment tools. It is sold as a ‘unit’,  i.e. clients purchase licenses giving access to the entire programme. It is not an option to purchase individual modules. The programme focuses on three key aspects: written communication, spoken communication and other critical business skills. 

The skills in this online programme are all essential, practical tools, required in every work discipline worldwide, making it a critical knowledge reference pack to use indefinitely. We are able to host the programme on our Learning Management System (LMS) or load the full programme on our client's LMS solution. 


Programme Objectives

  • We aim to equip all learners; those striving to enter the job market as well as those already employed, with practical communication and language tools which are relevant and easy to apply in any business environment.
  • We offer useful skills that will increase confidence and ability from job interviews to daily application, in all business activities with colleagues and clients.  
  • A critical objective is for the programme to benefit both the individual learner and the employer, as this completion will see productivity gains for both parties.



Written Communication

Module 1: Managing the Writing Process

Module 2: How to Write Effective Emails

Module 3: How to Write Effective Reports

Module 4: Writing Style and Tone

Module 5: Language and Grammar Use #1

Module 6: Language and Grammar Use #2

Module 7: Advanced Report Writing

Spoken Communication

Module 9: The Fundamentals of Communication

Module 10: Listening Skills

Module 11: Questioning Techniques

Module 12: Non-Verbal Communication

Module 13: Assertiveness & Behavioural Styles

Module 14: Conflict Management

Module 15: Emotional Intelligence

Other Critical Skills

Module 8: Business Intentions

Module 16: Language Use in Presentations

Module 17: Language Use in Meetings

Module 18: Language Use in Negotiations

Module 19: Telephone Etiquette

Average completion time per module:
40 - 50 minutes



Unique Features

  • Access via desktop or laptops, tablets, iPads and smart phones.

  • Uses on screen prompts & a ‘caption’ icon if no sound is available (as a back up).
  • There is ability for managers to receive reports on staff enrollment and progress,  thereby ensuring ROI.
  • It’s fun & interactive.
  • Uses methods to review skills & check for understanding.
  • Immediate practical implementation of workplace skills.
  • It offers continuous feedback, showing learners if they are, ‘Correct’ or ‘Incorrect’,
    why this is so; and most importantly, how to the use the aspect correctly!
  • It’s broken into ‘bite size’ chapters, making it manageable.
  • “Key Learning Points” can  be downloaded to use as an ongoing ‘job aid’.
  • It has pre & post “Rate Yourself” assessments for measuring improvement. Learners receive an individual learning plan. 

Target Audience

  • Anyone, in any business discipline, who needs to improve or ‘polish’ their written and spoken workplace English, in order to become more persuasive, accurate and effective.
  • Suitable for ‘new’ and experienced employees, in all positions and at all levels.
  • Will benefit English first and second language speakers. 
  • Prerequisite: Learners must have a ‘reasonable’ understanding and command of everyday English; as would be required in a company that speaks English / or has English speaking clients/customers. This programme is not designed to be a basic general English language tuition tool. 



Creating a personal login is quick, easy and obligation-free! Click on the 'Sign up' button below and fill in the required information. An email will be sent to you for verification purposes; once you have received it, click on the link to access the demos. Your obligation-free login is for demonstration purposes only, and will be active for 2 days.

The demo includes: 

  • An overview of the Business Language Programme. (approx. 5 mins)
  • A short 10 question demo of the assessment tool (approx. 10 mins)
  • A full module demo of Module 1: Managing the Writing Process (approx. 20 to 25 mins)
  • An Exercise Example for ‘Prepositions of Place’ (approx. 8 mins)

If you have any queries or would like to set up a meeting click here to send us your contact details.




Each organisation has different needs, and we have the solution for your business regardless of whether you are a large global organisation or a small business. Below are two equally effective options for your consideration.

Option 1: We host the content on our LMS (Contract with monthly fee)

  • Each learner receives a unique login, providing full access to the interactive online content.
  • The content may be accessed via desktop or laptops, tablets, iPads and smart phones.
  • Learners may log on and off as frequently as required – the programme tracks the learner’s progress, and resumes where they left off.  
  • Learners will have full access for a period of six months in order to complete the programme. (This time period may be altered to suit your company’s needs, if required)
  • Discounted rates are available for large groups of learners. 
  • Clients will be billed upfront monthly, for the six month period. 
  • A discount of 20% is offered if the full amount is settled upfront for the six month period.
  • The content will be hosted on Living Dynamics’ Learning Management System.

Option 2: Enterprise Customisation and Ownership of Online Learning Programme (Once off purchase with unlimited, indefinite usage) 
(see the customisation options below)




The table below highlights the three customisation level options that we offer. Depending on the option you select, a unique, customised version of the curriculum will be uploaded onto your company LMS solution for indefinite use.

If you have any queries, would like an official quotation, or would like to set up a meeting click here to send us your contact details.

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